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If you ve ever been in a professional kitchen, you may have noticed the chefs wearing a white cloth tucked into their pocket or tied around their neck. But what is this cloth actually called? It s known as a chef s handkerchief, and it plays an important role in the culinary world. In this blog post, we ll explore what a chef s handkerchief is and why it s used in professional kitchens.


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Uncovering the Mystery of the Chef’s Handkerchief – What is it Called?

The chef’s handkerchief is a small, white cloth that is often used by chefs to clean their hands. It is also known as a kitchen towel, dish towel, or aprons. The chef’s handkerchief has been around for centuries and has various names depending on where it is used. In the United States, it is often called a dish towel. In the United Kingdom, it is known as an aprons. In France, it is called a mouchoir de cuisine. In Italy, it is called un tovagliolo da cucina. In Spain, it is called una servilleta de cocina.

The Essential Accessory for Every Chef – What is a Handkerchief Called?

What is a handkerchief called?

A handkerchief is typically called a handkerchief.

Get to Know the Name of the Chef’s Handkerchief

Chef’s handkerchiefs are a must-have for any professional kitchen. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common type is a square or rectangular cloth with a loop at one end. The loop is used to hold the handkerchief in place on the chef’s neck while they are cooking.

Learn the Lingo: What is a Chef’s Handkerchief Called?

Chefs often use handkerchiefs to clean their hands and faces. They are also used to catch food that may fall off their knives or forks. Handkerchiefs are also used as a signal to stop cooking.